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Exchange Students

If nominated as exchange students to our faculty/graduate school, Kobe University by your home university, you should submit application documents (you may click 1, 3 ,& 9 below to download) to us through your International Office (Study Abroad Office :) by post.

Required documents are ;
  1. Kobe University Application Form [updated on Dec. 26, 2011] (click here)
  2. Your academic transcript
  3. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (click here)
  4. Financial Statement
  5. Certificate of Health
  6. Three passport-sized photos of you
  7. A copy of your passport
  8. Certification of Japanese Ability (if you have)
  9. Certificate of enrollment of the Applicant for Student Exchange Support Program (JASSO) (click here)
*Please note JASSO scholarship is highly competitive, and not all candidates will get the scholarship.
Important dates :
The deadline for applicants who wish to start in the Spring semester is November 30, and for those who wish to start in the Fall semester is April 30. After the application documents are reviewed and approved in the faculty meeting in December for spring starters, and in June for fall starters, we will send to successful applicants our acceptance letters together with other materials necessary for getting your visa, etc.
Schedule for the Fall starters
April 30    Submission deadline
August     “Certificate of Eligibility” and “Admission Certificate” to be sent
Schedule for the Spring starters
November 30    Submission deadline
February     “Certificate of Eligibility” and “Admission Certificate” to be sent
(click here)
Students Section    3-11, Tsurukabuto, Nada-ku, Kobe 657-8501, Japan
Phone: (direct line)+81-(0)78-803-7924/(ext.)7924, 7925
Email : hudev-kyomu@【続けて「」を入力してください】

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