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Department of Human Development and Education, Faculty of Human Development, Kobe University

In this department, our aim is to examine the process of how people develop while supporting one another. We study these processes both theoretically and empirically, based on real life. We study the full breadth of human development, from birth throughout life, and examine various factors and aspects of human development from different perspectives. In doing this research, we also focus on the jobs that are involved in and attended to in the scenes of human development. We expect to meet with people interested in the mechanism of the human mind, and/or in searching for the problems we face in modern society.

Key words:
Development of the Human Mind, Social and Cultural Basis of Humans, Development and Education
Degree Programs offered:
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Child Development
  • Educational Science
  • Elementary Education

Main Features of the Degree Programs

In understanding humans from a developmental point of view, we as human beings form ourselves day by day by encountering different kinds of people and situations throughout our life. In this point of view, we develop throughout our life times. It seems that we naturally acquire different kinds of skills and values, without actually being aware of it. However, there are various developmental mechanisms working in those processes, though we do not as yet understand their full details. Our primary aim is to examine and figure out those unknown factors. In this department, we search for details of the developmental processes, and discuss their influence of one's developmental support.

Society and Culture Supporting Human Development

Human development does not progress without being related to society and culture. For example, there are very big differences in the way they meet others for children who grow up in societies without the internet or mobile phones, and those who grow up in modern society. Therefore, we examine the process of how we, as human beings, grow up and are brought up from a socio-historical point of view. And in doing so, we examine the way people live fruitful lives and attempt to solve present social problems from the wide view of human development.

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